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Earth Changes and Our Hidden Past
In this fascinating presentation, Mike Pettigrew investigates the answers to these important questions: What are the True Causes of Climate Changes?, Why & When will our Weather get Worse?, Why was an Advanced Civilisation destroyed around 10,000BC?, What Evidence is there for Advanced Technology in Ancient Times?, What was the function of the Great Pyramid?, Why is Human DNA changing? and Is Humanity Evolving?

Topics include:
  • The Reasons for Global Climate ChangeSolar Cycles
  • Precession of the Equinoxes
  • Earth Crustal Displacement
  • Pole Shifts
  • Global Myths of a Flood
  • Atlantis
  • Ancient Enigmas
  • Advanced Technology in Ancient Times
  • Viktor Shauberger
  • Technologies of Ancient Egypt
  • The Purpose and Function of the Great Pyramid
  • The Indigo Children
  • Earth Changes
  • Karma
  • Prophesy
  • Changes in Human Consciousness

What Happens When We Die?
In this fascinating Audio Book, Mike Pettigrew, founder of The Institute for Afterlife Research investigates the answers to these crucially important questions:

  • Do we Survive Physical Death?
  • Are we Judged?
  • Is there an Afterlife?
  • What will we Do After Death?
  • Do all People Reincarnate?
  • What is the Purpose of Physical Life?
  • How can we Explore the Afterlife?